Why You Should Always Hire A Professional Installer To Refurbish Your Bathroom

Bathroom refurbishments can be fun, once they’re done! They increase the value of your home and offer the perfect place to relax at the end of yet another gruelling week.However, it’s the part in-between the planning and completion stage that isn’t quite as fun, i.e. the dreaded installation stage. It can be stressful – we recognise that. That’s why we’ve outlined a number of reasons as to why it’s best to alleviate some of that stress by hiring a professional bathroom installer to do the hard work for you – you needn’t always do the hard work yourself!

Save time with a professional bathroom installer

Bathroom refurbishments can take time, especially if you’re a DIY one-man band. Lets face it; you’ve probably got more important things to be doing than installing new showerheads and reconnecting plumbing work. Rather than spend weeks stressing over a bathroom, let the experts handle it and finish it within a much faster timeframe. This is especially important if you only have one bathroom, you can’t be left without a shower and toilet for weeks on end!

Accurate estimates

Professionals can generate reliable quotes to allow you to better prepare the financing of your new bathroom. You can’t guarantee this same preparation if you are sourcing the materials/tools yourself, you never know what you might need; installing bathrooms can be tricky business!

Avoid complication – one team, one job, one outcome

A common argument against hiring a professional bathroom installer is this – “Why can’t I just buy the materials that I need online and hire my regular builder to do the work for me, it’s cheaper?” Whilst it might be slightly cheaper, it also comes with great risk. For instance:

-   A builder might be unable to fulfil the finer details that would be expected of a well-established bathroom installer, leaving the bathroom looking messy or incomplete.

-   A builder might be able to put the bathroom together, but they might be unable to complete the painting or rewire the plumbing/electrics, meaning that you’ll have to source another tradesperson.

-   You might run out of materials and be unable to source them for a couple of weeks, or they might arrive damaged, meaning that you’ll be left to sort out the replacement.

Professional bathroom installers can attend the finer details, complete all of the specialised jobs to avoid complication with regards to who you’ve hired from where and can source all of the correct materials via an endless network of suppliers, leaving your design opportunities almost limitless.

Expert advice from a professional

Professional bathroom installers tackle numerous, complicated jobs each week. We understand that people have different tastes and requirements and as such, can apply our extensive industry knowledge into ensuring that your bathroom meets your acquired taste. We can offer suggestions and we can offer support, no matter how small the details might seem.  

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