Reduce Those Energy Bills This Winter With Our Top Tips

The UK ‘summer’ is gone and the winter is back. It’s time to turn our thermostats to the maximum, heat up the room and enjoy the long cold nights in the comfort of our homes. Except there’s one downside, our energy bills cost a fortune. In an attempt to decrease those bills and keep you warm at the same time, we’ve outlined eight simple house-warming tips for all of our customers across Swansea and the surrounding areas.

Tip #1 Switch to a cheaper tariff 

To switch to a cheaper tariff almost seems too obvious. Yet two thirds of people on expensive standard variable tariffs (SVT’s) are reluctant to switch supplier because they fear that the process is either too complicated or they don’t understand the benefits. Energy suppliers can’t afford for the switch to be complicated otherwise they risk upsetting customers at the first hurdle. Switch supplier and benefit from cheaper energy bills this winter.

Tip #2 Close the fireplace damper

If you have a fireplace, make sure you keep the damper closed. Keeping it open is like keeping a window open. Since we’ve mentioned it, close the windows too.

Tip #3 Get your boiler serviced

By getting your boiler serviced at least once a year, you can guarantee that it will be operating to its optimum standard. This is a service that we can offer at MJE plumbing services across Swansea and the surrounding areas, including Cardiff and Bridgend.

Tip #4 Cover your cold floorboards

If you have floorboards in your home, make sure that you try and cover them as best as you can. According to the National Energy Foundation (NEF), between 10% and 25% of all heat loss goes through the ground floor.

Tip #5 Restrict the heat

Close unused rooms and restrict the heat into a small area.

Tip #6 Cover drafty windows

A cheap trick is to buy some cling film and stick it to the inside of your window frames. Whilst it might not look great from the inside, it is barely noticeable from the outside and it will help keep the heat in.

Tip #7 Open the curtains

When the weather allows, make sure to open the curtains and allow the sun to heat up your home naturally. Just remember to close them again at night. Thick curtains can also be great for keeping the heat in during the winter.

Tip #8 Use pipe-lagging

Pipe-lagging can be bought from most local DIY stores and is a really cheap method through which you can warm up your home. Place the pipe-lagging on all of the hot-water pipes around your home to keep the water inside warmer, for longer!

We hope these tips can help you keep warm this winter for a fair price! If you are having troubles with your boiler and are in need of a repair or service, please give us a call on 01792 469348 or 07940 420 465 or email us at We’ll look forward to taking your call!