Boiler Repair, Swansea

Do You Need To Book A Boiler Repair?

Whilst you can do your absolute best to keep a boiler running for years to come, sometimes they just breakdown. Sometimes they can breakdown unexpectedly, but often they present valuable warning signs, which if noticed quickly, can save you the costs of a boiler replacement...

Boiler Servicing, Swansea

Why Book An Annual Boiler Service

The boiler is at the heart of your home. Without it working properly, you’ll have a cold home, a cold shower and a miserable start to the week. That’s why it’s important to look after the boiler with a regular boiler service. There are lots of benefits, take a read...

Worcester-bosch boiler install, Swansea

Which Boiler Is Right For You?

It’s important to choose the right boiler for your home. If your boiler has broken down or you’re concerned about the appropriateness of your existing boiler, this short guide is designed with you in mind. Maybe now is the right time to get a new boiler?

Bathroom Installation, Swansea

Is Your Bathroom Due A Refurbish?

The average person in the UK spends 1 and ½ years of their life in the bathroom, that’s a considerable amount of time when you really think about it. So, why should you spend all of that time in a bathroom that looks like it’s from the 80’s? Here are the signs that you're bathroom is due a refurb...