New boiler, Swansea

Reasons To Get A New Boiler

New boilers can be expensive, we recognise that, but we think that the extra benefits that you’ll get from replacing your existing G-rated boiler are completely worthwhile; from reduced energy bills to faster repair times to more storage space, what have you got to lose?

Landlord Gas Certificates, Swansea

Landlord Certificate Responsibilities

If you’re a landlord for a residential premise, bed and breakfast, pub/restaurant, hotel/hostel, holiday cottage or anything of the like, you are legally responsible for guaranteeing the safety of your tenants. We've provided an article detailing all of your responsibilities...

Tips Energy Bills Winter, Swansea

Reduce Those Energy Bills This Winter With Our Top Tips

The UK ‘summer’ is gone and the winter is back. It’s time to turn our thermostats to the maximum, heat up the room and enjoy the long cold nights in the comfort of our homes. Take a look at our top tips so you can enjoy the warmth whilst keeping your energy bills down...